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About Us

CampsUK aims to build the spiritual growth in young hearts by helping children to live, learn and love their religion. Living in today’s society, we continue to face misconceptions and prejudices towards Islam. This project endeavours to enlighten the religion in the hearts of children by using positive approaches and a wide range of learning strategies in order to engage children in a unique fashion. The initiative thrives to enable children to learn different fundamental aspects of the religion through playful, creative activities and direct experiences. Additionally, this project not only supports the spiritual development of children but rather it focuses on developing the physical, social and emotional development of children too. We deliver three camps as part of our camp series throughout the year, Camp Ramadhan, Camp Hajj and Camp Madinah.

Camp Ramadhan

Camp Ramadhan aims to educate children about the significance of Ramadhan as well as reviving the Ramadhan spirit in their hearts through using a range of themes and activities which are connected with the blessed month. The themes include Fasting, The Sunan of Ramadhan, Night of Power and Eid. Fasting teaches us many things to help us become better Muslims. We need to plant the seeds of patience, righteousness, self-control, goodness and kindness in the garden of Ramadhan, so that we can see its effects throughout the rest of the year. Working together hand in hand, we want to beautify and colour the lives of the next generation, here at Camp Ramadhan, instilling each and every one of these qualities in their nurturing souls.

Camp Hajj

As part of the camp series, Camp Hajj is an innovative, refreshing scheme that seeks to teach children about the sacred journey of Hajj. Exciting activities, united with thoughtful learning approaches are implemented to give children the best experience as possible. We have purposefully designed this initiative in a way where children can truly be themselves whilst becoming informed about the significance of Hajj. A kinaesthetic strategy of learning is undertaken in this project where children perform a mini Hajj to enhance their understanding based on the rituals performed at Hajj.

Camp Madinah

Camp Madinah significantly focuses on teaching children about the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad (s). We aspire and strive to fill the young hearts with immense love for him (s) through teaching children his blessed sunan and narrating stories from the biography of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). Invigorating learning strategies are used to establish a fruitful learning environment such as, role play work, cookery, arts and crafts, nasheeds and reviving the Sunnah sports.

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