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Mission Statement

This project endeavours to enlighten the religion in the hearts of children by using positive approaches and a wide range of learning strategies in order to engage children in a unique fashion. The initiative thrives to enable children to learn different fundamental aspects of the religion through playful, creative activities and direct experiences. Additionally, this project not only supports the spiritual development of children but rather it focuses on developing the physical, social and emotional development of children too. We deliver three camps as part of our camp series throughout the year, Camp Ramadhan, Camp Hajj, Camp Madinah and Camp Aqsa

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Sis Sharifa - Parent

Thank you Iht Tuition for all your effort and commitment to bringing the community the camps year on year. You all do a truly great job!


Abu Zara - Parent

My boys and nephews all really enjoyed themselves. JazakAllah Khair for the amazing work from the volunteers- without you, this can’t happen 


Harris - Age 9

Asalam alaykum it's Haaris

I had one of the best days in Camp Madina.

I really enjoyed the part when I learned about the Prophet's PBUH favourite perfumes and one of the greatest miracles when the moon was split. Thank you so much for this education , I will definitely come again Inn Shaa Allah

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