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Camp Hajj is an innovative, refreshing project that seeks to inject energy into the hearts of our children. Exciting activities, united with a thoughtful learning approach will undoubtedly give children the best experience possible. We have purposefully designed this initiative in a way where children can truly be themselves whilst becoming informed about the significance of Hajj.


We have numerous objectives that we would like to achieve. Some of these are:

•           To teach children about the importance of Hajj by way of conducting classes outlining passages from the Majestic Quran and traditions from the Messenger of Allah.

•           To teach children about the sacrifice of Prophet Ismail and why our Prophet Ibrahim (a) was ordered to carry out this sacrifice.

•           To teach the children about the story of Zam Zam and the passing between the two mountains Safa and Marwa.

•           To teach them about Maqaam Ibrahim and how it has been preserved.

•           To teach them about the Great Day of Arafat.

•           To teach the children some of the important supplications of Hajj and Umrah.

•           The journeying and struggle that is experienced during Hajj.

Requirements & Pre-requisites
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Luton Six Form College , Luton Registrations are currently closed for this location.
Luton Sixth Form College, Luton Registrations are currently closed for this location.
DLCC, Luton Registrations are currently closed for this location.

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