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Camp Madinah will give children the opportunity to learn about the blessed character and physical description of the Messenger of Allah abundant peace and blessings be upon Him. The hope is that by the end of this interactive project, children go away with an increased love and reverence of the Messenger of Allah, implementing the Sunnah’s into his life.

Activities at this years Camp Madinah
Ready Steady Sunnah

A fun-filled activity where children will be tasked to create a prophetic dish based on the prophetic diet. Thereafter the food made, will be tasted by our panel of judges.

The objective of this activity is to teach children about the foods that the Prophet (s) ate and some of their nutritional benefits. In doing so, we hope to instil the message of healthy eating and its importance to having a well-rounded lifestyle.  

Shamail Workshop
This activity will cover a number of different aspects of the life of the Messenger (s). The general focus will be on the essential nature of cleanliness both on an individual level and on a communal platform.

The activity will comprise of learning about some of the fragrances that were used and beloved to the Messenger (s). Furthermore, children will learn about the way in which the Messenger (s) would groom himself to always maintain a beautiful sense of presentability. The manner in which he kept his hair, beard, clothes and other aspects of his outward appearance will be taught.

The purpose of this activity is to give students the opportunity to learn about the appearance of the Beloved (s) as well as his mannerisms relating to good personal hygiene.

City of Madinah
The idea behind this activity is to give children an in-depth understanding of the city of Madinah. By way of using infographics and other visual aids, children will be able to learn about the Masjid of the Prophet (s), His resting place, the graveyard of Baqi' and other general fascinating facts about the city.

The aim of this activity is to show children a way of connecting with the Messenger (s) and His noble city. Additionally we intend for them to learn about some of its illustrious history.

The Life of the Prophet (s) - Madinan Period
Children will have the opportunity to study the Life of the Prophet (s) from when he and his companions migrated to the illuminated city. They will study major events and be given brief biographical accounts about some of the blessed companions. 

The purpose of this activity is to provide children with beneficial knowledge and cement their connection with the Messenger of Allah (s).

Requirements & Pre-requisites
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Luton Sixth Form College, Luton Registrations are currently closed for this location.
Luton Sixth Form College, Luton Registrations are currently closed for this location.
Stockwood Park Academy , Luton

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